Rewiring & Consumer Units

For full home rewiring, including new builds, extensions and more, we are the company to call. We also specialise in the installation and repairs of consumer units. So whether you need your consumer unit rewiring or your fuse box replaced, we can offer our services to you. We provide services for clients in Saltash and the wider area including Plymouth, Cornwall and Devon. Call our knowledgeable team today to find out how we can help you.

Consumer Unit Repairs & Upgrades

We can repair and replace your consumer unit (fuse box) for you. This can be a necessary task if you believe that your fuse box is old and not as efficient at protecting yourself and your home as it could be. Upgrading your system can be the best way to ensure the continued safety of your property. Modern consumer units are made with much safer materials and features than the older ones. For example, modern units are made with fire-retardant plastic, which will ensure that if a fire is started within the unit, it will be contained inside the box and not spread throughout your home.


We can conduct full or partial rewiring in your home or even add electricity to your new extension or outhouse. We can also fully wire new builds. We understand that this process can be extremely disruptive and lengthy, so we will try and minimise any disruption to your life. Additionally, we will also make sure that your entire home is left exactly how we found it. When we have finished, we will ensure that all of your new wiring is working safely and effectively and that it complies with the latest safety regulations. 

For older properties, we can offer full rewiring to bring your building up to date. During this, we will change all of your sockets and switches with modern replacements and can even install a smart home integration, so that you can control every aspect of your home remotely. For more information on how we can assist you, call today!

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